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The 2021 Fine Jewelry Guide For Beginners

If you are looking for a 2021 Fine Jewelry guide for beginners and think that high quality, affordable Fine Jewelry is a myth, you are in the right place.

Our Fine Jewelry Guide is here to show you that anyone can get genuine 24K (24-karat) jewelry that is not only a great investment but will also last a lifetime without breaking the bank.

We are here to provide you reviews that save you time and money and also to lower the risk of a bad purchase …we’ve all been there!!

What Is Considered Fine Jewelry And How Is It Different From Artisan Jewelry?

The term “Fine Jewelry” is used for any jewelry that is crafted from pure 24-karat (100%) gold, platinum, palladium, silver, titanium or tungsten (85% in the case of tungsten because it is a powder that requires a binder to give it form).

Fine Jewelry typically uses genuine gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. The jewelry is durable, made to last and can be worn every day with proper cleaning and care.

Artisan jewelry or “fashion jewelry” is similar to costume jewelry, but not considered the highest quality jewelry. Its value is in the expression of the artist, resulting in a unique design that means something special to the owner.

Materials used in costume jewelry are usually a secondary consideration. The designer’s artistic vision is first priority.

However, there are some design studios that use pure 24-karat precious metals to create super-artistic jewelry.

The difference between Fine Jewelry (24-karat, 100% pure precious metal) and jewelry with added chemical alloys of 14-18 karats (58%-75%) is important.

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Fine Jewelry is:
⦁ 24k pure
⦁ will not tarnish
⦁ hypoallergenic & antimicrobial
⦁ will go up in value because of the fine metal or precious gems used to create it.

How Does Pure 24-Karat Jewelry Increase Quality Of Life?

Owning Fine Jewelry has immediate quality of life benefits. The day you receive your piece ..whether it’s a ring, bracelet, necklace, etc… on DAY ONE you can try it on and decide HOW you want to wear it and more importantly, WHEN and WHERE you will be wearing it.

For example, on clear, starry nights, when we are outside for a good part of the evening, pure platinum rings and pendants not only shine in the moonlight, but also look better under artificial lighting.

But the benefits of wearing Fine Jewelry don’t stop there; there are also long-term benefits of owning Fine Jewelry. First is the comfort and security of knowing that your jewelry pieces will only get more valuable over time.

By definition, Fine Jewelry is made of rare metals that only increase in value when shaped into wearable pieces for us to enjoy.

There is also another benefit; there is the social aspect of having a great conversation piece, “oh, I’ve had this for 10 years.” Sadly, many people don’t have works of art that they hold on to that long for very much anymore. People will be interested in the story behind it, so share YOUR story!

3 Simple Pieces Of Affordable Fine Jewelry To Get You Started

Good thing you found our 2021 Fine Jewelry Guide, or else you would not have found our list of favorites!

Gold Cross Earrings
Solid gold cross earrings are smaller and less chunky than most others which is a good thing for daily wear.

The gold weight does vary slightly from pair to pair which makes sense considering they are handmade. When you wear them they are incredibly lightweight and attractive.

A good set of rubber backs will make them more secure. Whether you work out in them or just a night on the town, never once will you find them uncomfortable. See what our reviewers had to say about a pair of gold cross dangle earrings they recently tested out.

Gold Mermaid Pendant
Our reviewers are just finishing up the final touches on this review and it’s shaping up to be a favorite. A pendant is an easy way to wear something meaningful and close to your heart. Best of all, there’s no need to wear just one.

Many gold pendants have great detail and are a joy to wear. Even if you never wear necklaces, you’ll appreciate that the gold ones are virtually weightless. They can be worn most days and look perfect on their own.

At the end of the day, a polishing cloth will shine it right back up, no special cleaning needed. The boxes your jewelry arrives in are pretty and attractive enough to give away as gifts or to store your pieces in.

Platinum Rings
Pure 24k platinum rings are by far the favorite around here –they are virtually indestructible! But, wearing more than one ring on a finger can take some strategy. Do they fit snugly on top of each other? Do they add too much bulk to your digit?

First off, make sure to use platinum rings. Platinum rings do not scratch easily and are great for daily wear.

Next, Take pleasure in customizing the stack according to your style.

If stacking rings is not for you, a simple platinum band is a great start that is durable, easy to polish and great for everyday activities.

Pure 24k platinum rings are extremely underrated and a GREAT value!

Can You Buy Fine Jewelry Online?

Remember that Fine jewelry is pure 24-karat (24k). It is jewelry made 100% of that specific, precious metal. There are few reputable online sellers of Fine Jewelry out there and we intend to search them out and review their pieces.

When visiting your local jewelry shop tell them you read the 2021 Fine Jewelry Guide and are shopping specifically for Fine Jewelry. After they pull the jewelry out of the case, look for the 24k stamp on the inner or back of the piece.

U.S. federal law requires all jewelry be stamped with an accompanying hallmark clearly denoting purity.

Some Fine Jewelry is also called “Bullion Jewelry” –this is perfectly acceptable. Some Fine Jewelry is made from a 100% pure 24K bullion ingot.

If the salesperson behind the counter does not understand what Fine Jewelry is or tries to convince you that Fine Jewelry is not only 24-karat, take your business elsewhere. Unfortunately, some brick and mortar shops price and market 14K and 18K platinum or gold as “fine jewelry.” That is not the so-called ‘fine’ jewelry you want to pay for.

Since Fine Jewelry lasts a lifetime, it is sometimes difficult to determine the brand or who the maker is/was. Here at Ocean Sail Jewelry online reviews, our team reviews real-world contemporary pieces from modern brands and makers that are transparent and easy to purchase from.

We will not waste your time reading a bad review here because we immediately return those pieces back to the abyss from whence they came.

Our reviews are not paid for nor sponsored by any manufacturer. We purchase all our own jewelry pieces (none is given to us) and only make a dollar if you value the review and decide to purchase from that particular jeweler or design studio.

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