Cross Necklace

A Cross Necklace For Men & Women

In summer 2021, an artisan cross necklace was purchased by the Ocean Sail team and tested by a couple of our reviewers.

The cross necklace came in a custom gift box with a friendship card. The gift box had a little LED inside that lit up when you opened the lid.

Note that this gift box LED lasted much longer than the one we received with the artisan anchor necklace.

Our cross necklace shipped out of Florida, USA from the independent artisan crafters at ShineOn jewelry and took 5 days to be delivered.

The design studio claims shipping times of 2-5 days for deliveries to the USA and Europe. We thought 5 day delivery time was pretty good considering the necklace was sent coast-to-coast, across the country.

Our reviewers wore it everywhere during their day-to-day routine — to work, on walks, hot days & on daily errands

A Simple Cross Necklace

Since a 14k cross necklace is not Fine Jewelry, we considered the quality of this simple artisan design along with comfort and practicality

Since the piece is giftable (whether for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day) we also evaluated the gift box and interior packaging to see if the box and wrapping were the kind that we’d be happy to receive …and they were.

Affordable Jewelry For Women & Men

Reviewer: Gennevieve, Private Care Manager

I am a grandmother who works as a full-time Care Manager. My hobbies include outings and crocheting,

I wore the cross necklace every day for a week including the weekend and only took it off to sleep and shower.

I wore this piece to work and on outings with my grandkids. It is great for every day wear but needs to be removed for showering and sleeping.

My grandchildren liked it and so did my sister. The design is simple and clean. My only complaint is that the chain catches in my hair.

Likes: Very pretty piece and lite-weight, good for every day wear

Dislikes: Chain got tangled in my hair.

Overall recommendation: I highly recommend this piece as a gift or even for yourself. I loved wearing it and want to buy one for my granddaughter.

Reviewer: Nicole, Independent Artist

My daily schedule consists of walking the dog, illustrating, crafting, and school. Throw in some house chores and that is my daily activities.

On weekends I go to nature trails with my partner and my dog and walk down to small towns we’ve never been before.

I wore this silver cross necklace most days but took it off when it was time for bed or getting in the shower. I liked the lightness of the pendant made it easier for me to wear throughout the day –it is a very versatile piece.

The silver cross pendant seems best suited for those who love simplicity, someone who doesn’t like a lot of accessories because the Cross necklace stands out and looks fabulous by its self.

I think the necklace can be worn any day or time. I wore it doing house chores, walking, crafting, running errands, but I also wore it when going to events on very hot days.

Likes: I love the silver color, I like the sleek and boldness of the cross pendant, the chain was gentile around the neck, the thickness of the chain was nice too, I enjoyed that I could wear it with anything and that it’s neutral …not super feminine or masculine, anyone could wear it!

Dislikes: I don’t have much I dislike about this piece, maybe a different chain would amplify the piece.

Overall recommendation: Overall, I 100% recommend this necklace, I think anyone could wear it with any style and it’s quite beautiful and sleek, it stands out!

The Fine Print: Shipments to the USA and Europe take about 2-5 days. They accept payments over time and the return policy is 30 days. Jewelry is shipped from either Florida or Amsterdam from independent sellers designed by independent artists in the USA.

You can order the cross necklace here.

Here is the Mother’s Day version.

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With that said, we only link to jewelry we personally have researched, tested, believe in, and items that we actually purchased and wear.

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