24k Platinum Fine Jewelry

Leaf Ring

A Custom Leaf Ring

We chose this custom leaf ring because of its unique Etruscan look. It is pure 24k platinum and was purchased by Ocean Sail over the summer.

Our reviewers wore it everywhere they went …to the shops, to work, on walks and back again …and noted the pros and cons of wearing it.

We considered the leaf ring’s purity (Fine Jewelry must be pure 24K platinum), comfort and practicality (is it too heavy to wear all day?), and custom leaf-style, as well as the brands’ policies for shipping, returns, and custom orders.

We also considered that since the piece may be given as a gift (whether for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day) we would also evaluate the shipping box and interior packaging to see if the box and wrapping are the kind that we’d be happy to receive.

Is a Platinum Leaf Ring Expensive?

Platinum rings are a less expensive and great alternative to pure gold rings since 24k gold rings are usually more expensive and require a lot of care (pure gold is a really soft metal.)

A platinum ring is definitely an affordable (and durable) alternative to a 24k gold ring. In fact, we cannot recommend 24K gold rings for daily wear since pure gold is such a soft metal.

But is fine platinum jewelry okay for daily wear? You bet it is, platinum is an extremely hard metal and with a bit of care this Etruscan leaf ring will last many generations.

What Is Etruscan Jewelry?

Etruscan jewelry is a reflection of ancient Etruscan art.

Etruscan art (8th century to the 4th century BC) is the art of the people of Etruria, the Etruscans. This art style was influenced by Greek art and in turn influenced the development of later Italian Art.

Interesting, huh?

Etruscan Double-Leaf Ring

Reviewer: Nicole, Independent Artist

My daily activities include online school work, taking my dog to the park, and my schedule also includes arts and crafts.

On the weekend I watch movies with my partner, go into interesting shops, on nature trails, and try new restaurants.


I wore the leaf ring mostly in cold and rainy weather and think it is best suited to wear when you are planning to go out on dates …or a day out with your friends.

I wore the double leaf ring for 2 weeks, love the platinum color and design of the leaf very much, it was enjoyable to pick outfits in mind of the ring.

The ring is a bit bulky so it gets in the way of some daily chores, but it can really enhance a outfit! That’s why I recommend wearing it when going out into town.

This double leaf ring is best suited for someone who likes pronounced and heavy jewelry; an individual who likes jewelry that stands out and can appreciate the craftsmanship.

I feel this piece will draw in anyone who is artsy and loves nature.

I love the beautiful craftsmanship –the leaf design is very exquisite and it flows very nicely with any outfit I put together. I really enjoyed the bulkiness of it. I like when jewelry has a bit of weight to it, makes it feel luxurious.

Dislikes: I had to take the ring off when washing my hands, showering, or doing chores because the wide design captures moisture.

Overall Recommendation: Overall I definitely recommend the double leaf ring to anyone who loves nature and the fairy-style aesthetic and to someone who loves to wear whimsical outfits. It also would make a great gift for someone you know who wears mostly monotone colors.

The ring looks really nice with simple outfits too.


Reviewer: Genevieve, Private Care Manager

I am a Private care manager who works with the elderly. I love to crochet and spend time with my grandchildren.

After wearing the leaf ring for about two weeks to work and at home, I found it great for special occasions and casual wear, but not suitable to wear while cleaning.

Although I wore it during cold and rainy weather, I found the heavy platinum comfortable to wear as long as you take it off at night to allow your skin to breathe because the band is really wide.

Dislikes: wide design has to be taken off every night; risk of losing it.

Overall Recommendation: I recommend this piece for special and casual occasions. A nice gift for your wife or mother.

TL;DR: heavy and comfortable, great for all occasions, remove it before bedtime.

The Fine Print: Orders below $500 are charged a flat rate of $30 for shipping & insurance. The Menē Lifetime Guarantee enables you to exchange or sell your jewelry piece at any time for its real-time value (less a 10% buyback fee).

The double-leaf ring was bought as a “pre-order.” From Menē, a “pre-order” is jewelry that is a new style, made to order, that has not been released yet to the general public. The item is listed on your customer account page with all status details updated on a regular basis.

Menē items are crafted in New York from pure 24 Karat gold and platinum that is mined in the U.S.A. and Canada. For a discount, enter referral code OYbit2 (near the create account button).

With that said, we only link to jewelry we personally have researched, tested, believe in, and jewelry pieces that we personally use.

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