Ocean Sail Charm Bracelet

At the beginning of 2022, Ocean Sail Purchased a 24k Platinum charm bracelet and sent it to our reviewers for testing.

The personalized charm bracelet was bought from a direct-to-consumer fine jeweler and design studio that uses precious metals to forge its designs.

Each design is made from 24K precious metal and carries the coveted London Bullion Market’s Responsible Sourcing Certification.

Since anything less than 24k is not Fine Jewelry, we considered the quality of the charms (must be pure 24K Platinum), comfort, practicality (is it too heavy to wear all day?), and style –as well as the brand’s policies for shipping, returns, and custom orders.

And, since the pieces are giftable (whether for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day) we also evaluated the shipping box and interior packaging to see if the boxes and wrapping were the kind that we’d be happy to receive.

A Charm Bracelet For Women & Men

Charm bracelets usually have personal or sentimental value to the owner. They date back to ancient times when charms were expected to ward off enemies or just show the community what your professional or religious affiliation was at the moment.

Nowadays, Charm bracelets are among the top three most popular type of bracelet (along with tennis bracelets).

Our personalized charm bracelet was made using a charm-builder tool (link at bottom of page) that is on the studio’s website. It lists the different types of leather and charms. We like the Italian leather straps in dark red and natural suede, so we chose those.

Then we chose the ocean-themed Dolphin-Circle, Starfish & Sea Turtle charms. Each one is pure platinum.

Hint: these 4-steps worked the best: first choose the leather strap, now drag one charm over to the strap, then add to bag.

Verify the strap and charm are in your bag then go back to the builder.

Now clear the builder by clicking “discard”. Repeat the steps for each type of charm so you can mix-and-match the different colored Italian leather straps that you will receive in your package!

After receiving your bracelet, put it together and make sure it fits a bit loose, but not too loose. You should be able to slide 1-2 fingers between the strap and your wrist. Now you’re ready to hit the water!

Is A Gold Bracelet Better?

24K solid gold bracelets are nice and shiny, but we plan on wearing this to the beach and out on the water. Platinum charms are much more durable (and affordable) for daily fun.

Check out our jewelry guide for the benefits of 24K solid platinum jewelry.

A Personalized Charm Bracelet

Italian Leather | 24K Platinum Charms

Reviewer: Nicole, Independent Artist

My daily activities include long walks with my dog, online school, and my newest activity on the list is beginners yoga. On weekends, I enjoy relaxing, working on clay projects, and walking on trails with my partner and my dog.

The Ocean Sail Charm Bracelet is perfect for someone who loves the ocean life. Anyone who is infatuated with the sea will admire the cute ocean themed charms.

I wore the bracelet mostly during the day while doing daily chores or walking my dog –in slightly cold and moist weather. I would also wear it when I was illustrating and relaxing to music.

During the week that I wore the charm bracelet, it was comfortable to wear and I love the color choice of the leather bracelet, the charms are so cute, and soft against your skin.

I wore the bracelet mostly indoors and noticed it does come undone when tying the bracelet yourself so it would unravel during Impact chores.

I recommend keeping it off during extreme movement and having someone tie it for you when going out and about so you don’t lose the bracelet.

Likes: I love the charms, they have a lot of detail. my favorite is the turtle charm –it’s one of my top favorite animals! I also like how the charms have a little weight to them. The soft leather is gentle against the skin and very comfortable.

Dislikes: As mentioned before, it does come undone if you tie the bracelet yourself. You have to get someone to tie it for you in order for it to stay tied together.

Overall recommendation: Overall I definitely recommend this adorable Ocean Sail bracelet to any sea life lover! If you were to do the tying yourself I definitely recommend tying a double knot or getting someone to tie the bracelet for you, besides that I think this bracelet is simply adorable and to me has a rustic aesthetic.

Charm Bracelet | Platinum Duo-ring

Reviewer: Genevieve, Private Care Manager

I am a grandmother of two small children, a full-time care manager and love to crochet. Also enjoy cooking, baking and creating new recipes.

On weekends, I usually work 24 to 48 hours but when I’m off, I like to be with my grandkids and my husband.

I wore this bracelet everyday for a week when it was cold and rainy, only taking it off for showering, sleeping and cooking.

This charm bracelet seems suitable for everyday wear, however I wouldn’t wear this to a formal occasion due to the leather straps. For formal occasions, the charms would look nice on a platinum chain instead.

It goes with any casual outfit and overall is a nice bracelet. I went out for a walk with a friend and she thought it was very pretty because of the platinum, it catches the light nicely.

Likes: The charms are beautiful and very detailed, also unique. I love going to the beach so wearing this bracelet allows me to take the beach home with me.

Dislikes: The leather straps are hard to tie by myself. It can be done but the knot ends up too loose which eventually the bracelet falls off my wrist. My husband ties it on for me and then I need help taking it off. I have no dislikes about the charms themselves, just the leather straps.

Overall recommendation: I highly recommend this piece for anyone who loves the beach and ocean. This is a great gift for yourself or any special beach goer in your life. If you want something a little more formal, I would recommend a platinum bracelet instead of the leather straps. Either way, the charms are gorgeous!

The Fine Print: Orders below $500 are charged a flat rate of $30 for shipping & insurance. The Menē Lifetime Guarantee enables you to exchange or sell your jewelry piece at any time for its real-time value (less a 10% buyback fee).

Menē items are crafted in New York from pure 24 Karat gold and platinum that is mined in the U.S.A. and Canada. For a discount, enter referral code OYbit2 (near the create account button).


After creating an account and receiving your discount, you can find the charm-builder tool here.

With that said, we only link to jewelry we personally have purchased, researched, tested, believe in, and jewelry pieces that we personally use.

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