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Platinum Ring

An Affordable Platinum Ring

We chose this affordable platinum ring because of its unique look. It is pure 24k platinum and was purchased last year around Christmas.

Our reviewers wore it everywhere they went during their busy day-to-day holiday routines.

We considered the platinum ring’s purity (Fine Jewelry must be pure 24K platinum), comfort and practicality (is a platinum ring too heavy to wear all day?), and style, as well as the brands’ policies for shipping, returns, and custom orders.

We also considered that since the piece is giftable (whether for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day) we would also evaluate the shipping box and interior packaging to see if the box and wrapping are the kind that we’d be happy to receive.

Is A Platinum Ring Expensive?

Platinum rings are a great alternative to gold rings since pure gold rings are priced higher and require much more care (pure gold is a soft metal.)

Platinum rings are an affordable (and durable) alternative to 24k gold rings.

In fact, we cannot recommend the Duo Ring style in 24k gold since the rings are constantly rubbing against each other causing a lot of wear on the ringset.

But are fine platinum rings better? You bet they are, platinum is an extremely hard metal and with a bit of care it will last for generations.

Difference Between White Gold And Platinum

The difference between white gold vs. platinum is greater than you might think.

White gold and platinum both look great, but are very different. White gold was first developed to imitate platinum.

White gold is usually an alloy containing about 75% gold and about 25% nickel and zinc. Because of this, white gold can never be 24k Fine Jewelry.

Is Platinum Better Than White Gold?

Platinum is better than white gold if you are looking for Fine Jewelry that will last for generations.

White gold is usually an alloy, but platinum is a precious metal (that requires very little care).

Affordable Platinum Rings


Reviewer: Nicole, Independent Artist

I spend a lot of my free time getting artistic ideas from Pinterest as well as TikTok. I like to draw, work with clay, paint, and draw for my Instagram page. And also make jewelry and clay sculptures for people to buy.

I wore this platinum ring during my down times while drawing and sewing and when walking my dog.

I wore the platinum duo ring for about a week or two. It’s a beautiful well-designed ring that went with every outfit I wore and it stayed on during high activity.

It felt comfortable in-between my fingers when I was drawing or sewing for several hours, and it doesn’t snag on things.

Dislikes: none.

Overall Recommendation: Overall I think this is an excellent ring and 100% would recommend this to anyone.


Reviewer: Genevieve, Private Care Manager

I wore the platinum duo ring while cleaning, cooking, and relaxing. Also while playing with my grand kids.

I never took the rings off and wore them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a couple weeks. They are very durable and pretty once you are used to them.

Dislikes: a little bulky between the fingers and take some getting used to.

Overall Recommendation: I recommend these for anyone who likes to wear their jewelry all day and night.

The Fine Print: Orders below $500 are charged a flat rate of $30 for shipping & insurance. The Menē Lifetime Guarantee enables you to exchange or sell your jewelry piece at any time for its real-time value (less a 10% buyback fee).

Menē items are crafted in New York from pure 24 Karat gold and platinum that is mined in the U.S.A. and Canada. For a discount, enter referral code OYbit2 (near the create account button).

With that said, we only link to jewelry we personally have researched, tested, believe in, and jewelry pieces that we personally use.


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