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Anchor Necklace

Anchor Pendant Necklace

In summer 2021, an anchor pendant necklace (of artisan design) was purchased by the Ocean Sail team and tested by a few of our reviewers.

This anchor necklace, shipped out of Florida, USA from the independent artisan crafters at ShineOn jewelry. It arrived in 4 days.

They claim shipping times of 2-5 days for deliveries to the USA and Europe. So we thought 4 day delivery time was pretty good considering all the “supply chain issues” reported in the news. No supply chain issues here.

The anchor pendant necklace came in a faux-wood box with a little LED inside that lit up when you opened the lid. Pretty snazzy.

The LED stopped working after a week of opening and closing the box, but we like that it would work when first given as a gift. After that, the necklace went into our own jewelry box.

An Anchor Necklace For Her

Looking for an anchor necklace for her? This anchor pendant design includes an anchor & heart that is easy to clean, polish, and keep bright and sparkly.

Also, the necklace has a 16 to 22 inch (41 to 56 cm) adjustable chain made of polished Stainless Steel that attaches with a lobster clasp.

Affordable Jewelry For Women

Scroll down for a video of the current 2022 design

Reviewer: Nicole, Independent Artist

My daily schedule involves house chores, taking my dog to the river, nature trails and creating art or small sculptures out of clay. I also love going to town hoping to find flea markets and small shops that look interesting.

I wore this pendant over the weekdays and the weekend in mildly cold and rainy weather for close to two weeks now.

I like the fact the chain is a very light weight, the larger circles placed between the tiny chain gives it more character I really love that detail.

And I love the petite chain, I think it goes very well with the thin design of the anchor and the heart in the middle of the pendant –gives it a charming touch.

This anchor pendant seems suited for people who adore ocean life, someone who maybe loves boat rides or simply being at the beach.

It’s a cute piece to take with you to enjoy the ocean or the gift shops around the area!

Dislikes: none

Overall recommendation: Overall I definitely recommend this pendant to ocean lovers, considering the heart inside the anchor, it’s a perfect gift if you have someone in your life that loves the beach or boat rides!

TL;DR: lightweight, good detail, great gift for someone who likes the water.

Artisan Anchor Pendant Necklace

Reviewer: Genevieve, Private Care Manager

I wore the anchor necklace for one week to work and also out to lunch. I received compliments from my clients and friends.

The necklace is stainless steel and you can wear this anchor jewelry every day and for casual outings. But, need to take it off for showering and bedtime.

It’s lite weight and very pretty, the only complaint is the chain gets tangled in my hair.

Dislikes: Chain tangles in my hair. The bail on the necklace is small like the one in the video.

Overall recommendation: I would recommend this piece for a young adult. I would give it to my granddaughter or daughter-in-law.

Reviewer: Deborah, Legal Secretary

I am a retired female who enjoys traveling to visit family and long drives to see grand-kids. I also work a few days a week. My hobbies include crocheting, caring for and walking my dachshund.

I wore the anchor necklace to visit family, shopping and out on walks. The necklace seems suitable for many activities and reminds me of enjoying visits to lakes and the ocean.

During the three days that I wore the necklace, I received compliments on the anchor pendant design as well as the long chain that can be shortened or lengthened as desired.

Dislikes: the chain can get caught in long hair when sleeping.

Overall recommendation: I recommend this piece to complete casual outfits that are worn daily. The polished chain has a nice length and excellent craftsmanship of the anchor design.

The Fine Print: Shipments to the USA and Europe take about 2-5 days. They accept payments over time and the return policy is 30 days. Jewelry is shipped from either Florida or Amsterdam from independent sellers designed by independent artists.

You can order the necklace here.

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With that said, we only link to jewelry we personally have researched, tested, believe in, and items that we personally use.

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