24K Gold Fine Jewelry

Mermaid Necklace

Gold Mermaid Necklace

A gold mermaid necklace (pure 24k gold) was purchased by Ocean Sail online reviews over the summer and tested by a few of our trusted reviewers.

They wore it everywhere during their day-to-day routine — all during the hot summer months.

We considered the jewelry’s quality (Fine Jewelry must be pure 24K gold), comfort and practicality (is it too heavy to wear all day in the heat?), and style, as well as the brands’ policies for shipping, returns, and custom orders.

We also considered that since the piece is giftable (whether for a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day) we would also evaluate the shipping box and interior packaging to see if the box and wrapping are the kind that we’d be happy to receive.

How Do You Get A Mermaid Pendant Necklace?

To get a mermaid pendant necklace delivered to you is a simple and convenient process. We purchased one and took the risk so you would not have to.

The necklace was purchased from a direct-to-consumer fine jeweler and design studio in the USA (link at the bottom of this review). It shipped with full insurance and was received within 10 days. No supply issues when it comes to Fine Jewelry these days.

If you are wondering “how much does the mermaid pendant cost.” It really depends on how much pure gold the pendant contains. This is measured in grams.

The mermaid pendant weighs 6.12 grams. The pendant is 12mm wide and 23.5mm tall. Thickness is about 2.5mm.

The pendant’s light weight of 6.12 grams (solid gold) was expected to be comfortable enough to wear in the sweltering heat …as well as sparkle in the summer sun.

Maybe the perfect necklace for the beach?

Affordable Fine Jewelry For Women

24K Mermaid Pendant & Platinum Duo Ring
Gold Mermaid Necklace

Reviewer: Genevieve, Private Care Manager

I wore this piece for three weeks straight. I wore it everyday in rainy and hot weather with no problems. The Italian leather cord that we chose for it did not get tangled in my hair.

I received lots of compliments from family and friends and got many questions about it from clients and co-workers.

This is a very nice piece and can be worn to casual events and more.

I wore it to work and all day on my days off; including grocery shopping and other outings. I would not wear this when showering or working out.

Dislike: I really don’t have any dislikes about this piece.

Overall recommendation: This is a beautiful piece that I highly recommend. Not suitable for children due to the cost of the piece and how easily bendable pure gold is. This would make a wonderful gift or keep it for yourself.

TL;DR: suitable for everyday, don’t sleep or shower with it on, 24k is really easy to bend.

Casual Boho Vibe

Reviewer: Nicole, Independent Artist

I wore the mermaid pendant necklace for two weeks and didn’t have any complaints about it. I like that it went with most of my outfits and forgot many times I was wearing it because of how comfortable the thick Italian leather cord is and how light it was.

I wore the pendant on walks and nature trails on semi-hot days, I wore it inside a lot too. I think it’s best suited for small-town events, movies, and dates.

It’s a very light weighted pendant and doesn’t get in the way at all.

I loved the design and how detailed the mermaid is, It’s great how it doesn’t get in the way of doing everyday things.

The thick leather cord instead of chain was a grand idea for this piece. It feels amazing around your neck and it matches well with that bold gold! For me, it gives it a Boho vibe, which I enjoy.

I think this pendant is best suited for someone who likes simple but cute designs. The color is a bold golden shade, so perhaps someone who likes neutral colors like browns and whites.

A must for anyone who loves Mermaids and lightweight jewelry!

Dislikes: Personally I like when my jewelry has a little bit of weight.

Overall recommendation: overall I recommend this mermaid pendant to anyone who loves gold and an ocean Boho feel!

The Fine Print: Orders below $500 are charged a flat rate of $30 for shipping & insurance. The Menē Lifetime Guarantee enables you to exchange or sell your jewelry piece at any time for its real-time value (less a 10% buyback fee).

Menē items are crafted in New York from pure 24 Karat gold and platinum that is mined in the U.S.A. and Canada.

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With that said, we only link to jewelry we personally have researched, tested, believe in, and jewelry pieces that we personally use.


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