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Our online jewelry reviews are here to help and take away the fear. ”Fear” is said to be an acronym that stands for “False Expectations Appearing Real”…or, if you prefer, “Forget Everything And RUN!” One thing is for certain: when it comes to personal image, you absolutely must have realistic expectations…and forget about running.

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One of the things holding you back from effectively investing your time and money in selecting the right piece of gold or platinum jewelry could be a fear of buying the wrong fine jewelry piece from the wrong source.

You’re in this for the duration. You’re going to make it.

“Fear- marketing” does not work on us …or you.

Game Of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin once said, “Fear cuts deeper than swords.” Well, for people like you, this “sword” can slice right through your personal image goals.

It can drag you back to the old, ineffective ways of thinking, like falling for “it’s not worth the effort,” the belief that thinking advanced knowledge of gemology or metallurgy is the only way to go.

Not true, super- advanced knowledge of precious metals is not required. This mental block can flat-out derail your success.

Currently, 90% of people do not know all the benefits of owning fine jewelry. Combine this with the fact that most people spend wayyy too much money (and time) on cheap jewelry with no intrinsic value that breaks after only a few weekends out on the town.

Don’t Fear Buying Pure 24k Fine Jewelry

Buying into the fear is partially to blame …along with haters and the misinformed — they are the sources who often support this myth of “it’s not worth the effort” and fan the flames of misinformation.

This has a hefty price tag: it can harm you by keeping YOU ignorant of the truth and diminishing your quality of life.

Do I remember when I first paid that price? Yep, I first noticed it when I went to buy a fine jewelry piece for my lovely spouse.

That fear hurt my progress considerably by instilling thoughts of “I can’t afford it” and “it’s not worth the price,” all demoralizing and ALL WRONG.

Fortunately, I overcame it by reading online jewelry reviews, becoming informed, and selecting a great piece of solid 24K platinum that has increased in value over time …and looks great everyday of the year.

You can, too.

I spent the past few years working on a fearless approach to optimizing time and money and helping friends and family do the same. They still struggle, and more often than not, fear is one of the reasons they struggle.

Now, it’s true: what’s right for me and others who have overcome their fear may not be right for you.

However, if you’ve bought into the fear of not purchasing fine jewelry because you don’t want to be ripped off, you may want to consider rethinking things and bookmarking this blog.

Hope this helps!

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